folding blankets (work in progress) 2018

Conceptualisé dans le cadre d’une résidence au Labo, Centre d'arts médiatiques francophones de Toronto (merci conseil des arts de l'Ontario et ArtsNB !)cet essai d’art action et de superposition vidéo est un projet en cours qui mets en cause les notions de la demeure, de la mémoire et de l'aliénation.

La grue / mini-collaboration le Labo 2018


Mini-collaboration avec l'artiste Marcel Grimard dans le cadre d'une résidence au Labo, Centre d'arts médiatiques francophones de Toronto. Cette performance et intervention publique mets en cause la notion de purification urbaine et la gentrification rapide des grandes villes. 

Merci à Derk Thaczuk (modèle), Greg et Konrad de Charles Street Vidéo (aide technique), 
ainsi que le Conseil des arts de l'Ontario et ArtsNB

Help Phone / Au bout du fil (audio in progress 2015)

Sound installation with interactive telephone, playing eerie guitar, foot steps in the rain, and calls for help. The six minute sound track plays on loop in the receiver, with an added mechanism to make the phone ring randomly, inciting participants from the public to pick up.


movement in still places 2015-2016

Movement in Still Places_vidéo stills from performance / vidéo poem_ 2015 
Solo performances filmed in open spaces, where I document myself, throwing locally foraged debris from behind sculptural aspects of the landscape (bushes, gravel hill, snow bank, tall grass). Subtitles appear at the bottom of the scenery: I want to move you like poets do, like mountains do from standing still. A commentary on human appropriation of space, this documentation/ ephemeral series questions prescriptive approaches and the objectification of the material world through science, technology, art and philosophy.  


Thesis Expo 2015 ''Architecture de la survie''

chant marin

comment couper l'oignon sans pleurer 2014

Comment couper l’oignon sans pleurer / French Onion _8 hour performance_ 2014 
Time-based performance cutting pounds and pounds of onions to donate to a local soup kitchen, poking at how a neoliberal climate depends on modern individualism to insure self-care, instead of taking social responsibility for one's community. How do we learn to take care of others and our own anxieties? How do we maintain an ecological awareness in a capitalist society, dominated by the idea of materialistic value? How do we cut an onion without crying?