l'art de s'envoler / flyer for flight / meditation routine 2013

L'art de s'envoler is a daily drawing exercise with instruction pamphlets and a work-out video (in progress). Asking to describe ''how it feels to fly'', I guide participants to remember experiences in dreams, on swings, when swimming or snow boarding. These speculative drawings channel ancestral animism and
are informed by martial arts. I observe animals that inspire correct flying poses (ex: crane, otter, surfer), and meditated on positioning my body weight correctly, to help a graceful landing, or to keep myself from flying away. Investigating the power of thought and observation, I am open to new dimensions of reality. Living as form becomes a necessary ecology. 

Look for flying workshops in a park near you! Making my rounds in galleries, cafés, and airports, I promote the flying form with small folded booklets (origami style), directing you to my research blog and/or workshops. Hosting work-out video sessions of tai-chi inspired swarms (often seen outdoors), performing a choreographed series of given moves. I have dedicated six elements to the flying form : ground, air, fire, water, wood, and metal, always back to ground. Inspired by Sufism and other oral traditions, I hope this little exercise routine will be playful, and remind one to just enjoy the ride.

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